a meme originally by hopesichord; tweaked slightly by riverran.

Day One: Favorite lead female character
Day Two: Favorite supporting female character
Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love
Day Four: A female character you relate to
Day Five: Favorite female character in a male-driven canon 
Day Six: Favorite female-driven canon
Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time
Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show
Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show
Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show
Day Eleven: Favorite female character from literature
Day Twelve: Favorite female character from film
Day Thirteen: Favorite female character from comics 
Day Fourteen: Favorite younger female character (preteen or younger) 
Day Fifteen: Favorite older female character
Day Sixteen: Favorite female character growth arc
Day Seventeen: Favorite mother character
Day Eighteen: Favorite warrior female character 
Day Nineteen: Favorite non-warrior female character  
Day Twenty: Favorite non-human female character 
Day Twenty-One: Favorite female antagonist
Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character screwed over by canon
Day Twenty-Three: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates
Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female platonic relationship
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite female romantic relationship
Day Twenty-Six: Favorite mother/daughter and/or sister relationship
Day Twenty-Seven: Favorite classical female character (from pre-20th century literature or mythology or the like)
Day Twenty-Eight: A female character you have extensive personal canon for 
Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite female writer
Day Thirty: Whatever you’d like!

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    Day Eleven: Favorite female character from literature There is no way I can pick just one favorite. And if I did name...
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    This looks like a great meme! Not sure if I will start this later in the week or hold off but it is a definite To Do.
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